About Us
We go beyond the borders by staying in the molds with our products that we started from a line and brought to reality.
From a line to the reality
We are following the high end technology, carrying out our experience to the future and producing with our customers since the establishment. Starting from a line we pass beyond the limits staying in the world wide standarts. Read More
• Project Analysis
• Production
• Measurement and Reporting
Our Production Areas
We moved our journey that started with the production of standard mold set day by day.

Custom Made Mold Bases

3 and 5 Axis Core Machining
3 and 5 axis Form Machining
3D CMM Measuring
Deep hole drilling + Rough Machining

CNC Manufacturing

Turning parts
Milling parts
Mass production parts

Standart Mold Plates

Sheet Metal Mold Sets
Machine Parts and Machining

Precise Parts and Plates Manufacturing for Mold Industry

Centering parts and plates Elements
Injection plates
Isolation plates
Distance and Adjusting Plates

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